Hero Complex Gallery

Just a few pics from playing over at Hero Complex Gallery.  I am honored to have provided the soundtrack to some of their recent shows.

Check them out here at www.hcgart.com

Looking through the glass – Alice in WonderlandALICE - HCGMad Hatter - HCG

VoltronDaye - HCG

Craig Drake’s Solo show III

Craig Drake - batmobile - HCG Craig Drake - batmobile - HCG

Cafe Plays at Ruskin Theatre

Enjoyed another amazing day performing at Ruskin Theatre in  Santa Monica. If you have never heard of Cafe Plays, check out www.ruskingrouptheatre.com/l-a-cafe-plays.  Every 3rd Sunday of the month,  5 One scene plays are written in the morning. They are then given to 10 Actors to memorize , rehearse and perform in a matter of hours. Everyone should come out and check them out. There is so much great talent in every part of production.

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